1994-95 Premier League Kit Battle - Adidas & Nike With Just Two Teams

After we took a detailed look a the kit manufactures in various 2016-17 European leagues, Classic Football Shirts takes us back to the 1994-1995 English Premier League kit battle.

The 1994–95 FA Premier League was the third season of the Premier League and the last English top division season with 22 teams. Blackburn Rovers won the title with just one point ahead of Manchester United.

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1994-95 English Premier League Kit Battle

25 years ago, most of the club in England were not sponsored by Adidas and Nike but by English sportswear brand Umbro, who made the jerseys for 7 of the 22 teams competing in the 1994-95 Premier League season. Umbro made the jerseys for Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Nottingham Forest, Everton and Ipswich Town (only Man Utd finished in the Top 6, however).

Asics, who are not making the jerseys for any major English or European team right now, were the supplier of four different Premier League teams in 1994-1995, while American brand Pony came third with the three teams. Adidas (Liverpool) and Nike (Arsenal) made the jerseys for one team only, respectively.

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Other manufactures visible in the 94-95 Premier League campaign were brands such as Mitre, Puma and Nutmeg, a brand that does not exist anymore.

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