The 5 Best & 5 Worst 2017-18 Serie A Kits

12 teams of this season's Serie A have kits from Italian brands, and many clubs received beautiful jerseys from their supplier. However, there are some kits that stand out from the others, be it through its great or not so great design. We take look at the best and worst kits of the 2017-2018 Serie A campaign.

5 Worst 17-18 Serie A Kits

5 - Napoli 17-18 Third Kit

Boasting the brand's new Kombat 2018 skin, Napoli's new kits for the 2017-2018 season lack some effort in form of team specific details. With the kit boasting two large sponsor logos on the front, Napoli's 17-18 away kit therefore rather looks like the yellow Tour de France kit than a Napoli strip.

4 - Genoa 17-18 Away Kit

Lotto has managed to kinda destroy the classic & beautiful design of Genoa's away shirt with their new 2017-18 away kit for the club.

3- Nike Inter 17-18 Home Kit

The new Inter Milan 2017-18 home kit boasts a unique stripes design that was 'interpreted' as barcode by many...

2 - Juventus 17-18 Third Kit

Military green, Juventus' new Adidas 17-18 third kit could have look much better with a different main color.

1 - Udinese 17-18 Third Kit

Drawing inspiration from the club's famous 1980-84 kit that was worn by Zico in the 1983-84 season, the new Udinese 17-18 third kit is our least favorite kit of the 2017-2018 Serie A season because of two reasons. The design is not classic and classy at all, and the kit is also not needed as the club's home kit features black and white stripes.

5 Best 17-18 Serie A Jerseys

5 - Green Fiorentina 17-18 Away Kit

One of the four away kits Le Coq Sportif released for the club, Udinese's green 2017-2018 away kit is very classy.

4 - Juventus 17-18 Home Kit

Juventus received two stylish kits from Adidas for the 2017-18 season (home & away). We decided to put the away kit in our Top 5 list, with the only real downside the club logo.

3- Bologna 17-18 Home Kit

Marcon's new Bologna 17-18 home kit is a real beauty.

2 - Milan 17-18 Home Kit

Boasting the traditional design of the club, the Adidas Milan 17-18 home kit is so much better than the jerseys Adidas released for the clubs in previous years.

2 - Lazio 17-18 Away Kit

Macron's kits for Lazio are always amongst the best, and their 2017-2018 jerseys for their club are no exception. The white and light blue Lazio away kit tops our list this year.

What are you favorite and least favorite 2017-2018 Serie A kits? Let us know in the comments below and check out all Serie A 2017-18 kits in our special.
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