Aqua Blue Adidas Glitch Fluido Agilityknit Skin Released

Adidas today completed the Adidas Glitch Fluido Pack with the launch of the third Adidas Glitch Fluido Skin. After the first (white /blue) had a leather upper, the second (Ice Blue) the standard techfit synthetic upper, the third Adidas Glitch Fluido Skin has an Agilityknit techfit compression upper.

Adidas Glitch Fluido Outer Skin - Blue

This is the last Adidas Glitch boot of the Fluido Pack.

The new Adidas Glitch #027 Fluido Skin soccer cleat is turquoise blue with black brandings and contrasting black Agilityknit in the touch area.

Tech-wise, the third Adidas Glitch Fluido Skin

Adidas Glitch Outer Agilityknit Skin - Features

  • techfit compression upper with Agilityknit
  • Non-Stop Grip (NSG) texture
  • Lightweight Sprintframe outsole
  • Has to be combined with fitting inner shoe

Available in the UK and Germany through the official Adidas app, the new blue Adidas Glitch Fluido Skin retails at £100.

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