Best Man Utd Kit Set Ever? Adidas Manchester United 1990-92 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits - Closer Look

We bring you a closer look at one of the most iconic Manchester United jersey sets, their Adidas 1990-92 home, away & goalkeeper kit collection. Thanks to our partner Classic Football Shirts for the images of the last kits of the club's first chapter with Adidas (1980-1992) before Umbro took over in 1992.

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Adidas Manchester United 1990-92 Home Kit

This is the home shirt worn by Manchester United between 1990 and 1992.

Featuring the club's traditional colors, the Manchester United 1990-92 jersey has a unique collar and a subtle graphic print on the front.

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Adidas Manchester United 1990-92 Away Kit

The Man Utd 90-92 away jersey is one of the most iconic jerseys of the club ever.

Possibly the most iconic kit Adidas released for the club, it is no surprise that Adidas decided to reuse the design for the Manchester United 2017-18 away kit, which is amongst the best kits of the 2017-2018 season.

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Manchester United 1990-92 Goalkeeper Kit

This was Man Utd's 90-92 goalkeeper home shirt.

Worn by Les Sealey when Man Utd beat Barcelona to win the 1991 Cup Winners Cup and used by Peter Schmeichel in the following season when the Dane made his debut for the club, Manchester United's 1990-92 goalkeeper jersey boasts a unique and bold graphic design.

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