Full Comeback Next Year: Watch - Three Classic Adidas Predator Boot Adverts

With Adidas bringing back the Predator in 2018 as regular boot silo, we take a look at two advertisings for the Adidas Predator football boot.

Original Adidas Predator 1994 Commercial

This is an advert Adidas released to promote the launch of the all-new Adidas Predator boot in 1994.

Featuring the voiceover of Geoffrey Palmer, the original advert for the Adidas Predator 1994 does not feature famous teams but shows a match between two generic Adidas teams. The advertising highlights the main features of the back-then revolutionary boots - control, swerve and power.

However, some years later Adidas ads featured Adidas' most famous players while also showcasing the boots innovations and detailed tech features. Below is the advert for the Adidas Predator Pulse 2004 football bots featuring Beckham, Del Piero, Ballack and Co.

What do you think of the ad? Do you look forward to the comeback of the Adidas Predator football boots next year? Let us know in the comments below and check out the full history of the Adidas Predator.