Explained: New FIFA 18 Career Mode Interactive Transfer Negotiations

FIFA 18 won't be out until late September, but until recently, EA Sports hadn't really let much slip in regards to Career Mode. This changed with the Closed Beta earlier this month and Gamescom shortly after, with both events revealing key additions to the mode.

After fans demanded change for many years, it looks like Career Mode has been given more attention this year. The main and easily most noticeable changes have been made to the transfer system. The so-called 'Interactive Transfer Negotiations' are an apparent improvement both visually and in terms of a more realistic representation of the international transfer system.

“First of all you approach the club,” explains lead gameplay designer Sam Rivera speaking to Dream Team FC. “Then you have the scene when you have yourself, the manager, and the player of another club. You then start talking about the player.

“At that point, you need to negotiate with the club how much money you’re going to pay for that player. Depending on your offer you may get more chances. So, if the player is worth £50million and you offer £5m, they’ll say you are wasting their time. They react in real time to your offers.”

After agreeing on the terms of the transaction, you'll have to talk to player and agent to detail personal terms. These include salary, the player's role in the team and bonuses. It'll also be possible to include buyout clauses in order to seal a deal.

Another addition to career mode are sell-on clauses, which can be used to sweeten the transfer for the selling club.

“It works by agreeing with the club that they would get 15% of the value if that player is sold in the future. It” give you a much better chance of getting that player," says Rivera.

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