Fake vs Real Kits - What Are The Differences Between And How To Identify A Counterfeit Jersey?

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between an authentic football kit from Adidas or Nike and a fake soccer jersey and how to spot a fake jersey? If so, French football boots and kits specialists Footpack have helped you out with an extensive new video comparing fake and real football shirts.

Fake vs Real Football Kits - What Are The Differences And How To Spot Them

Footpack compares the authentic replica version of the Adidas Olympique Marseille 2017-18 away jersey with a fake shirt as well as an authentic replica Man Utd 17-18 away kit with a fake one. The video shows that there are various differences between each kit. In fact, almost every element of a fake is wrongly sized or features a slightly different shape than the original jersey, and the colors are also different.


It is nevertheless hard to spot if you have just bought a fake if you can not compare it directly with an authentic one. But there are almost always several elements that make it possible to identify a fake.

Not every fake is as good one as the fakes shown by Footpack in the video, which have a rather high quality (The Man Utd fake is much worse than the OM fake, in example). In fact, it is rather a matter of luck if you get a pretty quite good counterfeit jersey of if you get a really bad one that you do not want to wear at all. Additionally, the bad quality of the kit might lead to a low durability etc.

If you do not want to spend 80+ Euro on a new football kit, there are various ways to get authentic jerseys for a fraction of the recommended retail price. First, clubs are selling their kits for a fraction of the original price at the end of every season, and second, you can get cheap and authentic football shirts at websites such as Classic Football Shirts, with prices starting from at less at around 8 Euro for an authentic, high-quality kit.

Have you made any experiences with fake jerseys yet? If so how were them? Let us know in the comments below.
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