Finally An Own Branding & Logo - All-New Superliga Argentina Launched

The Argentine Football Association yesterday launched an all-new branding and name and for the Argentine first division. The first Argentine league will be no more called just AFA Primera División (Argentine First Division) but Superliga Argentina.

In fact, it is somehow a much needed branding for the highest Argentine football league as the league previously had no distinct branding at all and just used the federations' crest as league logo.

Argentina Primera División Becomes Superliga Argentina De Fútbol

This is the all-new Superliga Argentina logo.

The official logo of the new Superliga Argentina features a modern design with the letters SAF in the center, surrounded by a unique shape in different shades of blue and purple representing a football and the league's full name (Superliga Argentina De Fútbol).

Adidas Argentum Liga Argentina Ball with the old, federation's crest logo

The meeting was attended by members of the Executive Committee of the AFA, presidents and leaders of teams of First Division, representatives of the guild of football players, players and other guests.

The President of the Argentine Football Association, Mr. Claudio Tapia, said:

"It's a very important moment for Argentine football. Perhaps one of the most anticipated: that of having the whole family of soccer present, the union that groups the players, the leaders, the players themselves, which are such a valued product of our country. To the referees, who have to make transcendental decisions, and the two companies of great prestige that will give us the possibility to revalue this product for which we have all worked.

"I'm grateful. I think the normalization of Argentine football has had a lot to do with this. A commission of audiovisual contents was formed where very representative leaders such as Daniel Angelici, Víctor Blanco, Hugo Moyano, Marcelo Tinelli, Nicolás Russo, Jorge Brito, and others participated. I believe that today the leaders of Argentine football have to demonstrate that we are not mistaken when we carry out the bidding for audiovisual rights.

The Chairman of the Superliga Argentina, Mr. Mariano Elizondo, commented: "The Super League is a working group formed by the board of directors and the Executive Committee. This has to be a celebration for all of us because it is a historic moment for Argentine football, we are going to work to have more transparency, more professionalism, that Argentine football is a pride and that we can all enjoy what is Argentine football.

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