These Premier League Teams Are Yet to Complete Their 17-18 Kit Sets

Each year, the official Premier League Handbook, usually released just before the start of each season, is an interesting read for all fans of the league and jersey aficionados in particular. Although the league has stopped featuring unreleased kits in the handbook, it still allows to see which teams are still to launch extra uniforms and which will remain with what was already unveiled. Let's see what this year's version has in stock.

5 Premier League teams will release this kits still

Besides the more obvious yet-to-be-released kits, such as Chelsea and Manchester City's Nike third unis, the handbook reveals that the Crystal Palace and West Bromwich will join the two giants in releasing a second alternative kit. They get supplied by Macron and Adidas, respectively.

The same applies for West Ham, although in this case the third kit has already been leaked.

This way, the only teams to remain with just two different jerseys in the 2017-2018 season are Southampton and Watford.

Manchester United to use 'third' ahead of 'away'?

New this year is that the league has dropped the 'away' and 'third' naming protocol - they are now known as 'alternative 1' and 2. In Manchester United's case, the grey third kit appears as 'alt 1', suggesting that it could be used more frequently than the black away uni. It remains to be seen whether this turns out to be true, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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