What If Adidas Would Bring These Back? Closer Look - Blackout Adidas Predator Mania 2002 Boots

Adidas already brought back the Adidas Predator Mania 2002 Champagne edition this year, and the brand will also bring back the Adidas Predator Precision 2000 football boots. However, there might be a boot that would be even more popular amongst boot enthusiasts - a remake of black Adidas Predator Mania boots. Let's take a closer look at them.

Custom Blackout Adidas Predator Mania 2002 Cleats

Here are the boots that made the waves on social media (picture via @thepredshed_).

Featuring all the trademark elements of the iconic Adidas Predator Mania 2002 boots, the completely blackout edition of the Adidas Predator is definitely a boot lovers dream.

However, according to our information, Adidas never really released a completely blackout colorway of the Adidas Predator Mania football boots but 'just' an all-black Adidas Predator Mania edition with two white Adidas logos. But that just makes the boot a bit less awesome.

The black Adidas Predator Mania 2002 football boots are likely the rarest Mania ever released, and reported to be even more difficult to get than the Japan Blue edition.

Only a dream... Would you like to see Adidas bringing back the Predator Mania in blackout? Let us know in the comments below.
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