Adidas Entrada 18 World Cup Kit Template Released

We can give you a look at one of the four new Adidas templates for the 2018-2019 season. Launched in December 2017 as Adidas' most inexpensive jersey, it is possible but not very likely that the Adidas Entrada 18 template will be used for some of the brand's World Cup jerseys.

Adidas Entrada 18 Kit Template

This is the new Adidas Entrada 18 player template.

A simplistic yet remarkable look, the Adidas Entrada 18 shirt template is solid-colored with the 3 Stripes placed on the shoulders and a big stripe on each side of the jersey.

The Adidas Entrada 18 teamwear jersey is available in a lot of different colorways.

  • Black / White
  • White / Black
  • Clear Blue / White
  • Bold Blue / White
  • Power Red / White
  • Dark Blue / White
  • Solar Green / White
  • Collegiate Green / White
  • Yellow / White
  • Orange / White
  • Maroon / White

The cheapest Adidas Teamwear jersey available, the Adidas Entrada 18 template retails at a price of just 22 USD (18 Euro).

What do you think of the Adidas Entrada 18 template? Drop us a line below and check out all Adidas 2018-19 Temawear jerseys.