French Ligue 1 Club Montpellier Spelt Montpellier Wrong On Nike 17-18 Kits

Some days ago, it emerged that HSC Montpellier have made a typo in their club name on many official jerseys of the 2017-2018 season (Montpelier instead of Montpellier), including those worn by their players in the first four Ligue 1 matches. The club yesterday announced that they will send the faulty shirts to the city of Montpelier, Vermont (USA).

HSC Montpellier Spells Own Name Wrong

The Ligue 1 side needed to be alerted to the mistake by their own fans, who complained after buying the jersey that the club's badge read 'Montpelier' rather than 'Montpellier'. Supporters called for their money back on purchased shirts, and the club have now issued a formal apology and offered supporters the chance to exchange their faulty products.

"Montpellier has indeed been the victim of a logo error on a series of shirts put on sale," the club said in a statement on Friday. "The logo provider has made two sets of logos, one with a fault. The logos provider, aware of its fault and fully assuming it, is committed to solving the problem today."

The club made clear the equipment manufacturer, Nike, is not to blame for the incident.

Now, Montpellier HSC has decided to send the faulty shirts to the city of Montpelier, Vermont (USA).

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