Has Miroslav Klose Joined Adidas?

Pictures from recent Germany training sessions and friendlies indicate that FIFA World Cup all-time record goalscorer & Germany national team all-time record goalscorer Klose could have made the switch from Nike to Adidas...

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In 2006, Miroslav Klose successfully achieved that he and other Germany national team player could wear football boots from Nike and other brands. Previously, all Germany players had to lace up in Adidas football boots.

Miroslav Klose Laces Up In Adidas Gloro 16.1 Boots AS Germany Coach

Close-up with the classy boots worn by Klose as Germany national team coach.

Miroslav Klose, who joined the Germany national team coaching staff last November, was spotted wearing Adidas Gloro 16.1 football boots in all Germany training sessions and matches since March 2017. However, while this usually would mean that his deal with Nike has ended, this is not the case this time.

In fact, Adidas' contract with the German Football Federation (DFB) forces the whole coaching staff to wear shoes from Adidas, similar as the contract they had until 2006 that forced Klose and other players to wear Adidas boots.

Interestingly, during his first training sessions as Germany coach in November 2017, Klose laced up in Black / Volt Nike Hypervenom boots, while he blacked-out his boots a few days later to avoid trouble both with DFB and Adidas.

Klose blacked-out his Nike boots last November (November 9 -> November 14)

After Miroslav Klose blacked-out his Nike Hypervenom cleats last November, Adidas spokesman Oliver Brüggen told German newspaper BILD: "We are in contact with our partner DFB and assume that Miro Klose will soon be wearing Adidas shoes."

Miroslav Klose Still Has A Nike Contract

Miroslav Klose is still under contract with Nike and is wearing the brands' boots when he is not coaching Germany's strikers.

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When Miroslav Klose played for FC Bayern Munich's legends team in July 2017, he was allowed to advertise for the Swoosh and laced up in the classy black, white and golden Nike Tiempo Legend VII. He was also at the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III launch event in January 2017.

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