LEAKED: Adidas Nemeziz Was Supposed To Have A Different Name

A new leaked picture brings us to mind that the Adidas Nemeziz football boot was not supposed to be called so from the beginning. Let's get into the details of the name origin of the Adidas Nemeziz soccer cleat silo.

Adidas Nemeziz Intended to Be Called Adidas F.C. (High-End Version Agility F.C.)

In January 2017, a prototype of the Adidas Nemeziz soccer cleat was leaked. Boasting a stunning greenish design, one remarkable element of the cleats was that they boasted the writing 'Agility F.C.' on the tape-inspired upper instead of the lettering Nemeziz of the final version. However, we already knew at that time that the boots would be actually called Adidas Nemeziz in the end.

As this boot is showing a sample version, the upper design of them is also different to those of other leaked colorways. They boast the letters FC on the inner sole as well as on the Agility Bandage system. In fact, F.C. was the preliminary name of the Adidas Nemeziz boot.

The best version of the Adidas Nemeziz soccer shoe was known as 'Agility F.C.' (The silo was simply called F.C., more similar to the Adidas X and Adidas Ace) during the first months of the development, while Adidas decided to call them Adidas Nemeziz sometimes in the second half of 2016.

Adidas did not say what's the origin of the name Adidas Nemeziz, while it seems most likely that the name stands for Messi's New Boots ('New Messi's').

Which name do you like more? Let us know in the comments below and check out all leaked and released Adidas soccer cleats in the Boot Calendar.
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