The 5 Best & 5 Worst 2017-18 Champions League Kits

One week ago, we took a look at all Champions League jerseys of the 2017-2018 group stage, including many good and only a few bad jerseys. We now rank the best and worst 2017-2018 Champions League uniforms.

5 Worst 17-18 Champions League Kits

Special Mention - Celtic 17-18 Third Kit

Celtic's 2017-2018 third kit almost made it in our list of the worst kits, but we nevertheless thought it would be worth mentioning that is makes less sense to release three greenish kits, New Balance.

5 - Nike Chelsea 17-18 Home Kit

The new Nike Chelsea 2017-2018 home jersey lacks looks very plain both on the promo images and on the pitch, based on Nike's infamous Vapor Aeroswift design.

4 - Adidas Juventus 17-18 Away Kit

Juventus' 2017-2018 third kit could have been much better if Adidas hadn't chosen this military green color as base for the fan-designed strip.

3- New Balance Liverpool 17-18 Away Kit

New Balance's Liverpool 2017-18 away kit looks very old-fashioned, inspired by Adidas' famous 'quarter' 1995-96 away kit.

2 - Adidas Anderlecht 17-18 Away Kit

The new Adidas Anderlecht 2017-2018 away kit looks like a pyjama with printed logos on it.

1 - Nike APOEL 17-18 Away Kit

Based on the likely most unpopular Nike Teamwear jersey of the past few weeks, APOEL's 2017-18 away shirt is sure to be not a hit amongst supporters.

5 Best 17-18 Champions League Jerseys

5 - Adidas Manchester United 17-18 Away Kit

Inspired by the iconic 1990-92 away kit, Manchester United's 2017-2018 away kit is a real beauty.

4 - New Balance Liverpool 17-18 Home Kit

Our favorite Premier League kit of the 2017-2018 season also makes it in our list of the best 2017-18 Champions League group stage jerseys.

3- Adidas Real Madrid 17-18 Third Kit

Featuring stylish colors and a classy graphic design, the new Real Madrid 2017-2018 third kit more and more grows on us.

2 - Adidas Benfica 17-18 Home Kit

Paying homage to legendary striker Eusebio who passed away three years ago, the new Benfica 17-18 home kit is an instant classic.

1 - New Balance Celtic 17-18 Home Kit

Combining the club's traditional green and white hoops with gold applications and a special golden logo, New Balance's Celtic 17-18 home kit is simply.. awesome.

Which is the best 2017-2018 Champions League jersey? And which is the worst one? Let us know in the comments below and check out all Champions League 2017-2018 kits in our special.
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