Unique Classic Adidas Predator Prototype Boots Revealed

Thanks to Adidas enthusiast @thepredcollective, we get a look at a classic and very interesting prototype soccer cleat of the Adidas Predator soccer cleat. Let us take a closer look at them to find out what they are exactly.

Adidas Predator 2006 Prototype Boots

These Adidas Predator prototype soccer cleats feature various interesting innovations from around 2006.

Not a blackout, the design of the Adidas Predator prototype soccer boots reminds us of Adidas' Predator 2006 Absolute football boot. The cleat comes with 2006ish silver Three Stripes on the outstep and the Predator lettering on the heel area.

However, what is more interesting than the design of the cleats are the technologies of the cleats.

Developed around the year of 2006, these Adidas Predator prototype cleats feature Adidas' speed laces, Predator Spin intelligent form technology on the instep and open stripes that resemble the Climacool tech.

The upper of the cleats is likely made from K-leather, while the outsole is very similar to the Adidas Predator Absolute 2006 football boots.

What do you think of these Adidas Predator prototype football boots? Let us know in the comments below.
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