Adidas Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Russia & Spain 2018 World Cup Home Kits Released

All Adidas 2018 World Cup home jerseys were launched today. Each Adidas 2018 World Cup home kit brings back classic designs of the past. We take a look at all Adidas 2018 World Cup home jerseys.

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director said, "Adidas has created so many products, innovations and looks through the decades which became true icons in the soccer world. We want to celebrate those icons in the world of today.

"The fans feel the same way. They have the desire for authenticity and progression. They want something they immediately can identify with but at the same time it needs to contain the latest innovations and technologies of today. We bring the needs for the players and fans together, the needs for on pitch and off pitch, the needs for the stadium and the streets."

Adidas Argentina 2018 Home Kit

A clean design, the new Adidas Argentina 2018 World Cup jersey draws inspiration from the 1993 shirt, which was based on the Adidas Equipment line.

Adidas Belgium 2018 Home Kit

Drawing inspiration from one of the most iconic national team kits in history (Belgium's 1984 uniform), the new Adidas Belgium 2018 World Cup jersey is pretty amazing.

Adidas Colombia 2018 Home Kit

Colombia's 2018 World Cup home jersey boasts the look of the 1990 World Cup jersey.

Adidas Germany 2018 Home Kit

The Germany 2018 World Cup kit reinterprets the 1990-World Cup winning top in a modern way.

Adidas Japan 2018 Home Kit

The Japan 2018 World Cup kit boasts the brand-new federation crest.

Adidas Mexico 2018 Home Kit

The Mexico World Cup 2018 home jersey boasts a unique graphic on the front that recalls Adidas' 1994 World Cup jersey design.

Mexico was not sponsored by Adidas in the 1994 World Cup

Adidas Russia 2018 Home Kit

The Russia 2018 World Cup home jersey brings back the design of the Adidas 1988 USSR home.

Adidas Spain 2018 Home Kit

The new Adidas Spain 2018 World Cup jersey is inspired by the 1994 World Cup jersey of the country.

All Adidas 2018 World Cup home jerseys are available to purchase from today.

Which of the Adidas 2018 World Cup jerseys is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and check out all leaked World Cup kits in the 2018 World Cup jersey overview.