All-New Puma evoKNIT Authentic vs Replica Jersey - What Are The Differences?

Traditionally, Puma released two different versions Italy's 2018 home kit. One basic replica version as well as a cutting-edge, all-new authentic evoKNIT version worn by the players. What are the differences between the new authentic evoKNIT and replica version of the brand-new Puma Italy 2018 jersey? Let's find it out. Thanks to boot freaks Soccer Cleats 101 for some information.

Puma Italy 2018 Kit - Replica vs Authentic Version

Puma's authentic evoKNIT jersey is engineered using Puma's new evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology.

Puma's new 2018 evoKNIT authentic jerseys for the 2018 World Cup and the 2018-19 season incorporate lycra for a skin tight fit that stretches around your muscles like a compression shirt. evoKNIT Thermoregulation technology with mesh inserts on the side cools the body and controls moisture, and Puma's seamless construction offers the ultimate in fit and mobility for optimum performance.

The replica version of the Puma Italy 2018 kit is made from 100% polyester and features DryCELL technology.

Another difference between the authentic and replica jersey is the badge. While the replica version comes with a traditional embroidered badge, the authentic one features a heated crest.

The replica version of the Puma 2018 Italy jersey is available for a retail price of 90 USD (70 GBP, 90 Euro), while the game version retails at a price of 150 USD (130 GBP, 150 Euro).

So, as Bryan from Soccer Cleats 101 comments it, the replica version is what most players out there are going to want the buy, unless you workout a lot and are the owner of a solid six-pack. Another crtieium might be that many to not want to spend so much money on a new jersey.

Have you ever tried out an authentic Puma kit? Let us know in the comments below.
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