Base For Many 2018-19 Kits? New Nike Striped 2018-19 Teamwear Jersey Leaked

We have obtained the first images of Nike's new striped 2018-2019 Teamwear jersey (US version), which is expected to be used by many club kits in the 2018-2019 season.

Nike Striped Division III Teamwear - US Version

This is the US version of the new striped Nike teamwear shirt.

The Nike Striped Division III 2018-2019 teamwear jersey features a modern design with relatively thin vertical stripes. The back of the jersey comes with a space for the players numbers. The collar of the US version features a contrasting black / white stripe.

It is not known yet how the European / worldwide version of the template will look like exactly. The Nike Striped Segment III teamwear shirt is expected to be the base for many jerseys in the 2018-2019 season. Among them could be Malaga as well as many lower-league teams from around the globe.

The new Nike Striped Division III 2018-2019 teamwear jersey will be available from January 2018 for 35 USD.

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