Revealed: Premier League Kits Are By Far The Cheapest Across Europe's Top Five Leagues

In which country fans have to pay the most to get the kit of their favorite club? has investigated this question with their the new 'cost of football shirts' study.

For the research, focused on the top five football leagues in Europe (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1). Based on the final league table from the 2016/2017 season, Ticketgum took the top twelve teams to find out the price for each club's official home shirt for this season (2017/2018).

2017-2018 Kit Prices in Europe's Top 5 Leagues

Premier League clubs are selling their jerseys for the cheapest by far.

2017-2018 Kit Prices - Results

  • The average price of a Premier League shirt for the 2017/18 season is £53.74
  • Comparatively, the average price of a football shirt in La Liga: 19% higher (£63.78), Bundesliga: 28% higher (£68.85), Serie A: 34% higher (£72.08) and Ligue 1: 34% higher (£72.10)
  • 74% of fans believe the current price of football shirts are too excessive
  • 58% believe football clubs can be doing a lot more to offer supporters better value on official merchandise

The average price for a Premier League shirt this season is £53.74 – the cheapest out of Europe's top five leagues. Comparatively, the average price for a La Liga shirt this season is 19% higher at £63.78. The average price for a shirt in the Bundesliga, is 28% higher at £68.85. The average price for a Serie A and Ligue 1 team shirts are equally 34% higher at £72.08 and £72.10 respectively – the latter representing the highest average price for a football shirt out of the big five European leagues. also conducted a survey of 660 passionate football fans to find out what football fans really thought about the price of football merchandise such as shirts. 74% believe the current price of football shirts are excessive. 66% stated they wanted to buy their clubs latest shirt but are put off due to the high price. 58% believe their football club could do a lot more to offer supporters better value on official merchandise.

Adam Taylor, a spokesperson for commented: "Football shirts are fundamental to footballs DNA. They are symbolic for football fans as it allows them to visually express their support for their club. Whilst the Premier League has the lowest average shirt price from the big five European leagues; fans certainly feel that the prices could be more affordable. The consensus seems to be that football clubs can be doing more to offer better 'value' to their supporters in terms of merchandise as well as ticket prices."

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