Third Kit-Inspired | All-New Nike Challenge II 2018-19 Teamwear Jersey Released

The new Nike 2018-2019 Teamwear jersey collection has been released these days. The Nike 2018-2019 Teamwear jerseys are set to be used for many club kits in the 2018-2019 season. Just as in previous years, the new Nike 18-19 Teamwear collection includes a jersey inspired by this season's top team third kits.

Nike Challenge II Teamwear - US Version

This is the US version of the all-new Nike Challenge 2 teamwear shirt, set to be released in early 2018.

Based on the design of this season's Nike third kits for the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG and Roma, the new Nike Challenge II teamwear template features a camo graphic print on the front and a hybrid v-neck collar (likely only the US version, the worldwide version is expected to have a different collar). It is available in ten different color combinations, ranging from very classic (white / black, black / white) to very striking (Volt / Black) color combos.

The new Nike Challenge 2 2018-2019 teamwear jersey is set to be launched in early January 2018. It will be available for two years, set to be replaced in early 2020. It retails at a price of 40 USD.

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