Brazil, England, France, Germany, Portugal & Spain Concept Kits by MH Design

Graphic designer MH Design, who was already featured on this website after he created 18 Bundesliga x NBA Logos, has designed concept shirts for the most important national teams inspired by iconic kits of the past.

Re-Design Retro Football Kits by MH Design


MH Design's Brazil concept shit draws inspiration from Brazil's 2004-2006 'Total 90' kit featuring the template's infamous design with a circle for the numbers.


The Nike England concept kit by MH Design is inspired by England's 1980-1983 Admiral home shirt, which is considered as one of the best-ever football kits ever released.


The France concept brings back the design of the 1998 World Cup-wining Adidas kit.


For the German national team, MH Design got inspired by the country's iconic 1990 World Cup shirt, just as Adidas for their Germany 2018 World Cup home kit.


MH Design's Portugal concept kit resembles the look of Portugal's Euro 2004 home uniform.


Like Adidas have done with their Spain 2018 World Cup jersey, MH design uses the great design of Spain's 1994 World Cup strip as inspiration for his concept jersey.

Do you like MH Design's classic-inspired national team concept shirts? Let us know in the comments below.
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