EXCLUSIVE: Nike Future10 Football Boot to Replace Magista in 2018

Update: We have received new information about the all-new Nike football boot for 2018-2019 that will replace the Nike Magista in 2018. The all-new Nike soccer cleat will be called Nike Future10 (FTR10). Interestingly, the name is remarkably similar to Puma's upcoming all-new soccer cleat, the Puma Future.

All-New Nike Football Boot to Be Called Nike Future10 (Nike FTR10)

There is no image of the Nike Future10 soccer cleat yet.

We can exclusively reveal that Nike will replace the Magista football boot silo with an all-new soccer cleat in Summer 2018.

Nike originally revealed the Nike Magista Obra football boot in March 2014 as the first-ever high-cut knitted football boot, changing the design of football boots forever.

Nike to Release All-New Football Boot in 2018

The Nike Magista football boot silo was introduced ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

We have become aware that Nike will replace the Nike Magista football boot silo after the 2018 World Cup in Russia with an all-new football boot, of which we have no detailed information yet. We just were informed that 'they have features and a design diffeent to any other Nike football boot, showcasing the future of football boots'.

Nike will release no further new generation of the Nike Magista soccer shoes, meaning that there were just two generations of the Nike Magista football boot silo in total.

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