Here is How Much of Their Income It Costs Football Fans to Buy Their Club's Kit in 10 Countries

Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Some weeks ago, we compared the shirt prices in Europe's Top Five leagues, revealing that Premier League kits are by far the cheapest. Now Brazilian football kit website Mantos do Futebol compared how much of their salary the average person has to pay in different countries to get his team's favorite kit.

Real Football Shirt Prices Around the World

Mantos do Futebol's study reveals that the average shirt prices are pretty similar in each country, with the shirts of English Premier League teams the cheapest and the jerseys of Italian, Portuguese and France's first division clubs the most expensive.

However, if we compare the average income of a person in each country, it becomes obvious that there are huge differences how much it really costs fans to get a football kit. So, fans from Brazil have to pay almost 12% of their monthly income for their soccer jersey in average, while fans from Germany just have to spend around 2% of their monthly income in average.

What can one conclude from aboves findings? It is no big deal for a fan from Germany, Great Britain or the United State to buy an authentic replica football kit, while people from low-income countries have to spend quite a lion's share of their income for a soccer jersey. So it is also no wonder that the trading and buying of fake soccer jerseys fluoridates in those countries.

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