Update - Karim Benzema Leaks 3(!) Upcoming Adidas X Boots

Update: In early November 2017, Karim Benzema was a bit careless revealing three upcoming Adidas X soccer shoes. The first colorway he showed off has been already released (Adidas Skystalker collection), and now a picture of the three Adidas X cleats has been leaked.

Original article - November 2017: Real Madrid's Karim Benzema was a bit careless today showing off his new Adidas X 17 boots on his Instagram story. Thanks to everyone who sent us this story, it's very much appreciated as always!

Besides the already well-known Skystalker edition, which is set to drop before the end of the month, the special box Adidas prepared for '#kbnueve' included illustrations for two more 2018 paint jobs, one of which wasn't even leaked at all so far.

First off, it definitely looks like Adidas' new Skystalker pack, including the Predator 18, will start appearing on the feet of Adidas' best soccer players shortly. It will also go on sale before the end of the current month according to the latest info we received.

But then there's two other colorways, both of which aren't even close to being released. For one, there's the white, black and red one we showed you for the first time very recently, which is included in a pack that will be released in late January / early February.

But then there's another one, which didn't leak anywhere at all and is only slated to be released in April next year, so more than five months from now. In fact, this will be the last-ever general colorway of the X 17 before the X 18 drop ahead of the World Cup. It combines different shades of blue in the X 17's typical fade design.

Luckily perhaps for Benz, the quality of said illustrations is not too great. It's still likely that Adidas will ask him to take down the video.

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