LEAKED: Adidas to Release New Limited-Edition Adidas Predator Remake Boots?

Has anybody spotted this before? In a 15 minutes long promo video for the Adidas x Beckham Predator Accelerator collection there appeared a red Adidas Predator football boot that could be the another remake of the Adidas Predator... (thanks to @thepredcollective for the hint)

Cleats showcased at around 2:30

Adidas to Release Red Limited-Edition Adidas Predator Remake Boots

Here is a closer look at the mysterious red Adidas Predator boot and the Adidas Predator Precision remake cleats.

Red and white with a fold-over tongue, these Adidas Predator are different to any Adidas Predator football boot we have seen before (they are quite similar to the navy blue Adidas Predator Precision 2000 remake football boots at first glance but have a different tongue and upper structure).

As there is just this sneak peak of the cleats from the video it is impossible to say if the Three Stripes will bring out another remake football boot. Our verdict is that is rather likely as @thepredcollective has already shown in the past that they are spot on with all things regarding Adidas.

Do you think that Adidas will release this red Adidas Predator remake boot? Do you know on which classic Adidas Predator release their are based on? Let us know in the comments below.