Nike to Revolutionize Goalkeeper Gloves

Update: One of our followers made us aware that Brazil and AS Roma goalkeeper Alisson Becker has also worn Nike's revolutionary possibly strapless goalkeeper gloves. Check out all details below.

Alisson Becker Spotted With Nike's Revolutionize, Strapless? Goalkeeper Gloves

Almost four years after Nike changed the design of football boots forever with the reveal of the knitted, high-cut Nike Magista football boot, a picture suggests that the Swoosh is set to redefine the way another football product is made. Let's find out all about Nike's all-new, possibly strapless goalkeeper gloves, which could be launched ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The player who tested out Nike's all-new goalkeeper gloves is Jack Butland. The 24-year old Stoke City and England keeper usually wears Nike Vapor 3 goalkeeper gloves.

Jack Butland Spotted With All-New, Strapless Goalkeeper Gloves

Close-up pictures of Jack Butland's never-seen-before goalkeeper gloves.

A design that rather reminds of usual gloves than of traditional keeper gloves, Jack Butland's blackout keeper gloves are totally different to any current high-end keeper gloves as they seem to not feature a strap and have

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However, an user suggests suggests that "there’s probably a strap coz the bottom part of the swoosh is probs on the strap and lines up with the rest of the swoosh on the top part", and close-up pictures from his blackout gloves used in England's training seem to confirm his guess. But is could also just be that he used different gloves when training with Stoke City.

Whether completely strapless or just with an almost not noticeable strap, Nike's upcoming keeper gloves seem to be the biggest revolution of goalkeeper gloves of the past few years.

Biggest innovation of the year? What do you think of Nike's all-new goalkeeper gloves? Are they actually strapless? Let us know in the comments below an stay tuned for more.