Exclusive: Nike Will Release Kids' Authentic Jerseys Starting 2018

We can exclusively reveal that, starting with the release of the brand's 2018 World Cup jerseys, Nike will become the first producer to offer authentic versions not just in adults' but also kids' sizes.

At the moment, Nike's so-called Vapor Match shirts are only available in sizes S to 2XL, with smaller kids missing out. The new Nike kids authentic football shirts will come in sizes XS to XL (representing ages 7 to 16).


Compared to the adults' version of the Nike Vapor Match soccer jerseys, which is priced at USD 165 (EUR 140, GBP 100), the newly introduced youth sizes will be available at a slightly cheaper price, USD 150 (EUR 125, GBP 90).

The price for the youth replica jerseys will remain at the same level as before: USD 75 (EUR 70, GBP 50).

Release date

As mentioned above, the 2018 World Cup shirts will be the first to be available as authentic version in kids' sizes. And, as you'll probably already know, these will be debuted in mid-March and from there it won't take long for them to be available in store. The first 18-19 club jerseys are set to be released in May.

Which teams will be available?

Although more teams than ever will have Vapor Match uniforms, including most national teams and all the larger club contracts, the brand-new kids shirts will be a more exclusive thing and are so far only confirmed to be available only for England and France in terms of national teams, and Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG as club teams.

Are they worth it?

At about twice the price of a replica shirt, that is a very important question one should ask themselves before buying one of the new kids' Vapor Match jerseys from Nike.

There are a few key differences between the two tiers of shirts: For one, the authentic version offers all the same details found on the shirts worn by the players, including both team applications and template-specific features, such as knit patterns. Second, the material used on the authentic is much advanced, lightweight and performance-oriented. Finally, the cut is more slim.

What do you make of all this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.