The Inspiration Behind Every Adidas 2018 World Cup Kit

All Adidas 2018 World Cup kits except those of Japan are closely inspired by memorable designs of the past. They were created by studying the footballing histories of the different nations, focusing on memorable aspects of kits worn in the most successful years. We take a look at the inspiration of every Adidas 2018 World Cup home jersey, with Morocco's kit not being released yet. Thanks to Soccer Bible for many of the pictures.

"Adidas has created so many products, innovations and looks through the decades which became true icons in the football world. We want to celebrate those icons in the world of today," said Juergen Rank, senior design director at Adidas. "The fans feel the same way. They want something they immediately can identify with but at the same time it needs to contain the latest innovations and technologies of today."

Germany 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1990 World Cup Kit

The home jersey for Germany is a contemporary take on their shirt from 1990 – the third time they won the trophy, and the last World Cup title before their 2014 victory. Inside the collar is printed the original red, yellow and black version graphic from the front of the 1990 shirt, to link the two different eras.

Adidas also reworked the kit's silhouette for optimum performance, adding dropped shoulder cut lines.

Spain 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1994 World Cup Kit

Spain's 2018 World Cup shirts are inspired by those worn in the 1994 tournament. It boast a modern take of the diamond-shaped 1994 pattern on the right side, while the Adidas logo is placed in the centre, as it was 13 years ago.

Colombia 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1990 World Cup Kit

Colombia's new 2018 home kit is closely inspired by their iconic World Cup 1990 uniform, featuring similar striking colors and the infamous graphic pattern of the Italy 1990 kit.

Russia 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1988 Seoul Olympic Games Kit

Russia's new shirt is a revision of the jersey worn by the Soviet Union during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, where they came first in the medal count, winning 132 in total, including 55 gold medals.

Argentina 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1993 Copa America Kit

Argentina's World Cup strip for 2018 celebrates the Argentine Football Association's 125-year anniversary by incorporating laurels, a key element of the Argentinian coat of arms and the AFA crest, in a pixelated form within the shirt's traditional pale blue and white stripes. The collar and other part of the shirt closely resemble the look of the 1993 Copa America kit, the last time Argentina won a major tournament.

Belgium 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1984 Euro Kit

Belgium's 2018 World Cup home kit is a refreshed take on the black, yellow and red argyle print from their Euro 1984 jersey design

Mexico 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x General Adidas 1994 World Cup Kit Design

Mexico's kit hearkens back to Adidas' most used design of the World Cup 1994. Mexico's kits were not made by Adidas back then but by ABA Sport.

Sweden 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1990 World Cup Kit

Sweden's kit for Russia next year is inspired by the country's 1990 World Cup strip.

Egypt 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x 1990 World Cup Kit

Egypt's 2018 World Cup jersey is a modern interpretation of one of the country's most famous jerseys, the home shirt from the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, according to Adidas.

Japan 2018 World Cup Home Jersey x Japan's Traditional Handcrafted Clothes

With Japan's 2018 World Cup kit, Adidas took a different route. The kit refers to the country's traditional handcrafted clothing designs.

Adidas brought back Japan's 1998 World Cup jersey design in Summer 2017 to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their first-ever World Cup qualification

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