Why Adidas Can't Do Classic 3 Stripe-Inspired Designs Anymore

With Adidas bringing back iconic jersey designs of the past for the 2018 World Cup, you might have asked why the jerseys do not feature the classic Three Stripes brandings of the 1990s but just standard, modern Adidas stripes on the sleeves. Let's find out why.

The reason for Adidas for not being allowed to do classic 3-stripe inspired brandings is due to FIFA's kit regulations, which apply for all FIFA tournaments such as the Confed Cup and the World Cup. FIFA's kit regulations are called 'FIFA Equipment Regulations' and include more than 100 pages of how equipment is allowed to look like.

FIFA Equipment Regulations Prevent Classic Big Three Stripes Branding

In fact, the FIFA Equipment Regulations include several pages that are responsible for Adidas not being able to make classic 3 stripe-inspired designs.

The regulation 42, which is responsible for the branding on the shirt, says that, while teams may display all types of Manufacturer’s Identifications on the front and on the sleeves of the shirt, there are only certain positions and logos allowed (e.g. only one Manufacturer’s identification on the front of the shirt: max. of 20cm²). Different illustrations nicely show which brandings are allowed.

Interestingly, all types of Manufacturer’s Identification are prohibited in the Collar Zone of the shirt. This makes it impossible for Adidas to put their logo on the collar just as they did in the 1990s with the Adidas EQT line.

However, these rules only apply for FIFA tournaments, and Adidas has actually released a jersey that shows off what would be possible without the strict rules: Orlando Pirates' 2017-18 home uniform. The Three Stripes also launched similar shirts for Bayern München, Real Madrid and Manchester United, but they are just 'lifestyle kits'.

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