All-New Nike Merlin 2018-19 Ball Revealed - First Ball With ACC + Bladder Wrapped in Cloth

Nike today launched the all-new Merlin ball for the 2018-19 season, replacing the Nike Ordem. The first-ever Nike ball with ACC (All Conditions Control) technology, the new Nike Merlin is Nike's new ball for the 2018-19 season and beyond.

The name of Nike's 2018-19 football is not a reinvention. In fact, the name directly arises from the classic Nike Geo Merlin football. The Nike Geo Merlin has been the name of the official match ball of the English Premier League seasons between 2000-2004. It was the first-ever Premier League ball made by Nike.

Nike Merlin - Nike 2018-19 Ball

The Nike Merlin will be the first-ever Nike ball to feature Nike ACC.

Most importantly, the new Nike Merlin football has fewer seems and a larger sweet spot than any Nike football to date - the Nike Merlin 2018-2019 football does not come with a traditional 12-panel construction but a 4-panel configuration to reduce seams while opening up a wider striking surface.

The Nike Merlin 2018-2019 football is the first-ever Nike ball to feature Nike's ACC (All Conditions Control) technology. Made for ultimate control in all weather conditions, the Nike ACC technology was introduced for football boots in late 2012.

Another new innovation of the ball are so-called 3-D ink patterns that strategically raise the texture in certain zones for better boot-to-ball interaction.

The most interesting feature, however, might be that the latex bladder wrapped in cloth to maintain air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders.

Nike Merlin - Tech Features

  • 4-panel construction reduces seams and enlarges the striking surface
  • 3-D ink patterns apply variations for increased control.
  • Nike Aerowtrac grooves for more consistency in ball spin
  • Foam casing consists of multiple layers of polyurethane bonded together with a cloth backer
  • ACC upper technology for better control in all weather conditions
  • Latex bladder wrapped in cloth maintains air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders, keeping the ball shape spherical.

The new Nike Premier League 18-19 ball will be called Nike Merlin Premier League, the La Liga ball will be known as 'Nike Merlin La Liga' and the Serie A ball 'Nike Merlin Serie A'.

The Nike Merlin football will retail at around 150 USD, similar to the Nike Ordem. The ball is to hit stores in Summer 2018.

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