Club Pachuca's Odd Numbers in the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup

If you watched today's FIFA Club World Cup semi-final between Brazilian club Gremio and Mexican club Club Pachuca, you surely noticed that Honda and Gonzalez were wearing shirt with a leading zero. But that was not the only special thing about Pachuca's kit numbers in the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup... Let us get into the details.

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Club Pachuca Uses Unique Special Font With Leading Zero in Club World Cup

Club Pachuca's numbers in the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup not only featured unfamiliar leading zeros, the numbers and font style was also different to the one the club usually uses, likely because FIFA prohibited them to use their extraordinary Liga MX typeface.

However, Club Pachuca's numbers in today's match were nothing too extraordinary for Mexican football as in there are also players in the Liga MX with three digit numbers.

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You won't see the numbers in the 2017 Club World Cup final as Pachuca lost the match 0-1 after Extra Time.

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