Premier League Stars Test Revolutionary All-New Nike Snood

Update #2: Various Tottenham players have been spotted with Nike's revolutionary neckwarmers in training recently. However, while Nike revealed their biggest 2018 football innovations (strapless gloves, new shin guards, next-gen Superfly) this week, the all-new Nike Snood has not been officially revealed yet (it is expected that Nike will announce the release of the Nike Snood in Fall 2018, likely shortly ahead the neckwarmers will hit stores).

Tottenham Players Test All-New Nike Snood

Not all Tottenham players used Nike's revolutionary neckwarmers.

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Update: Our follower MK made us aware that not only Tottenham's Dele Alli was testing the all-new Nike Snood recently but that a several Manchester City players also wore the all-new Nike Snood neckwarmers.

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Manchester City Players Test All-New Nike Snood

A few Man City players used the Nike Snood in training ahead of the match against Shakhtar.

Two weeks ago, we revealed that Nike is set to revolutionize traditional neckwarmers with the Nike Snood. Now Tottenham superstar Dele Alli has become the first professional to be spotted with Nike's revolutionary Nike Snood.

Dele Alli Shows Off Revolutionary Nike Snood Neckwarmers

Here are some pictures of Dele Alli with Nike's revolutionary neckwarmers.

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An all-new design for neckwarmers, the Nike Snood is made from a neoprene material that transports sweat away. The Nike Snood has holes around the mouth for better breathing, something that might be the gamechanger.

What is interesting to note is that Dele Alli is actually the first high-profile player to wear them in training, despite being sponsored by Adidas. We expect many more players to use them in training in the coming weeks.

The Nike Snood is set for a release in Fall 2018.

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What do you think of the Nike Snood? Will you get them? Let us know in the comments below.
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