Fanatics Offers Free Exchange For NBA Jerseys in Case of Transfer

American sports replica retailer Fanatics has announced that it will offer fans the chance for a replacement jersey in the case of a transfer - they'll be able to either get their favorite player's new jersey or that of another player at his former team.

A sight of the past?

At the moment, Fanatics' move only applies to NBA shirts bought either through the retailer itself or in the official league store, which it also runs. If a fan buys a player jersey and said player leaves the club within three months, the fan has two weeks to make the exchange.

"We found out that 25 percent of fans were worried that the jerseys they purchase will become obsolete," said Chris Orton, co-president of Fanatics' direct-to-consumer business. "So by doing this, this is a major paint point we are solving."

Only recently, Liverpool Football Club offered fans a £50 voucher in exchange for their 'obsolete' Coutinho shirts after the Brazilian's switch to Barcelona. Should Fanatics' offer prove popular amongst supporters, we could easily imagne it being expanded to more sports and possibly Fanatics European store, Kitbag.

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