Not '7': Mkhitaryan's Arsenal Europa League Number Revealed

Update: With Arsenal submitting their Europa League squad, Mkhitaryan's Europa League number has been revealed and it's '77'.

Following his transfer to Arsenal, Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan will wear two different numbers on the back of his shirt during the first six months at his new club - one in the Premier League and another one in Europe.

While it's a straight swap in the Premier League where he'll sport Alexis' former 7, it's not that easy in the Europa League. UEFA rules prohibit players from taking over numbers used by other players.

Mkhitaryan's Europa League number of Arsenal has not yet been announced, but taking a glance at Arsenal's squad list for the competition, possible options include 26, 36 and 42. Arsenal will take on Swedish outfit Ostersund in the Round of 32 next month.

Which number should Mkhitaryan choose to represent Arsenal with in Europe? Drop us a line below.
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