Nike FTR10 Elite vs Nike Magista Obra

Nike will replace the Nike Magista football boots line after the 2018 World Cup with the all-new Nike FTR10 football boots. What are the differences between the Nike Magista Obra nd the Nike FTR10?

Whereas the Nike Magista Obra soccer shoe is primarily made for ultimate control and comfort, the Nike FTR10 soccer shoe silo is designed for the modern playmaker who also needs speed and agility.

The Nike Magista Obra boot was launched by Barcelona's magical midfielder Andres Iniesta, while Kevin De Bruyne will be the headline player of the Nike FTR10.

Nike FTR10 vs Nike Magista - Tech

Feature-wise, the Nike FTR10 boots and the Nike Magista Obra football boots are extremely different, even though they implement similar Nike technologies.

The Nike Magista Obra feature a sock-like collar and traditional laces, whereas the Nike FTR10 Cleats come with an all-new included sockliner and a cover for the laces.

Another striking difference is the upper. Even though both boots use Nike Flyknit for the upper, the feel and structure of the upper of both cleats is also very different. Both cleats come with Nike ACC technology.

The sole plates of both boots are also completely different. The Nike FTR10 soccer shoe comes with a outsole optimized for agility and speed featuring an all-new studs design, the Nike Magista Obra mainly comes with traditional conical studs for rotational agility.

The Nike FTR10 Elite football boot will retail at a very similar / same price as the Nike Magista Obra football boot - ~ 300 USD, 275 Euro.

Another difference is that Nike will only release one high-end FTR10 model. Whereas Nike released a low-cut synthetic Nike Magista version (Nike Magista Opus), there will be only one high-end version of the Nike FTR10.

Nike FTR10 or Nike Magista Obra? What's your choice? Let us know in the comments below.