Stunning Meyba FC Barcelona 1992 Remake Kit Released

Barcelona-based sportswear and former FC Barcelona jersey supplier Meyba has released a special remake jersey to honor FC Barcelona's 'Dream Team' and their 1992 European Cup final triumph, Barca's first 'Champions League' title.

Meyba had been FC Barcelona's kit manufacturer between 1984 and 1992. During the ten years that FC Barcelona was dressed in Meyba they won just about any prize. The team was known as the Dream Team with star players like Laudrup, Koeman, Bakero and the young Pep Guardiola. Meyba does not sponsor any clubs currently.

Meyba FC Barcelona Dream Team Kit

Boasting the same design and materials as the original FC Barcelona 1992 jersey, the new Meyba Barcelona 'Dream Team' shirt directly brings back the memories of the 1992 European Cup final triumph.

However, as the new Dream Team shirt is not an official club product, the jersey comes without Barcelona's real crest but just with the silhouette of Barca's famous logo.

The Meyba Barcelona 1992 remake jersey is available for 50 Euro in the brand's online store.

What do you think of Meyba's Barcelona remake jersey? Let us know in the comments below and check out all about Meyba's and Barcelona jerseys in our special article.
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