Adidas Provide Cutoff Socks For 2018 Kits Instead of Conventional Socks - Here is Why

If you closely followed this year's MLS kit launches, you might have noticed that Adidas' new 2018 MLS jersey feature cutoff socks rather than conventional socks. Let us find out what the reasons are. Thanks to SportsDay for the information.

Adidas 2018 Major League Soccer Kits Feature Cutoff Socks

Many players are cutting the feet off their socks manually in order to be able to wear their favorite socks such as TRUsox or other special socks. Now Adidas and MLS decided to provide cutoff socks to MLS teams in order to save equipment managers the hassle of cutting up socks (Something that elasticated rips more than it cuts).

Last year, MLS equipment rules saw Dallas player Kei Kamara fined $1,250 for the dotted grip pattern on his TRUsox being visible.

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