In Detail - Next-Gen Nike Flyknit 360 Revealed

Nike launched the biggest advancement for the Nike Flyknit technology to date earlier this week - the Nike Flyknit 360 technology. The new high-performance, next generation Nike Flyknit 360 made its debut on the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 and Mercurial Vapor 360 (they are the first-ever Nike product to feature this new generation of Nike Flyknit).

Nike Flyknit 360 Technology

Nike Flyknit, which debuted at the 2012 London games with the Nike Flyknit Racer, is a digitally engineered knitting process best known for its role in lightweight, formfitting and virtually seamless shoe uppers. The traditional way to construct Nike Flyknit for a shoe is by knitting a flat upper, which is then attached to a midsole to create the shape of the shoe. Now, a major advancement in Nike Flyknit technology allows for a shoe upper to be constructed in a complete 360-degree form that wraps the entire foot, helping athletes feel more secure and controlled during their movements.

To make the upper, engineers use complex knitting structures to create a closed anatomical form that mimics the shape of the foot. Following, the upper goes through a thermoforming process to provide shape and support underfoot. The result is a lighter, breathable shoe that offers a more precise, second-skin feel.

Nike Flyknit 360 - Benefits

Lock in
Because it completely wraps the foot, the construction offers a closer fit that locks the foot in to reduce in-shoe movement.

Agility and Quickness
The 360-degree form is engineered for better movement and speed by allowing the shoe to move with the athlete by minimizing the space between the foot and the ground.

Nike Flyknit is precision engineered down to every stitch, which produces 60 percent less waste than traditional cut-and-sew methods. The technology applies 40 years of athlete insights to inform the precise placement of support, flexibility and breathability where athletes need it most while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Nike Flyknit 360 construction will soon appear in Nike footwear across other sports.