Stunning Nike City Kit Concepts by @rigamawe

Inspired by the eye-catching and unique NBA City jerseys revealed by Nike last month, football designer@rigamawe has created a selection of interesting football kits taking on the concept.


The Barcelona jersey is a homage to famed architect Antoni Gaudí.


For the PSG City jersey concept, Ricardo looked at the Louvre and its pyramid.

Manchester City

During the time of the industrial revolution, Manchester was known as a center for the cotton processing industry and even called 'Cottonopolis' by some.


The Chelsea concept pays homage to the British military, both for the fact that the Army Museum is located in the neighborhood of the club and that Chelsea were known as 'pensioners' back in the day.


This kit is inspired by the 'Tottenham Cake', which is a local specialty and was given away by the club after winning the FA Cup in 1901.


The Atletico City kit concept takes inspiration from the flag of the community of Madrid, which shows seven stars in reference to the Ursa Major constellation.


The Inter uniform takes inspiration from 'Meneghino', a character associated with Milan that plays a major role in the local carnival celebrations, and his traditional clothing style.


Similar to the LA Lakers' Kobe-inspired snakeskin jersey, the Roma concept is black with a subtle X graphic on the front in reference to Francesco Totti, likely the club's most famous player.

Do you like these? Which one's your favorite? Comment below, and make sure to follow @rigamawe on Twitter to keep up with his latest creations.
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