Premier League 2018 Summer Transfer Window to Close Much Earlier

The English Premier League will have their own summer transfer window from this year, it has been revealed. The Premier League's own transfer window will close much earlier than previously and than in other leagues.

Premier League Transfer Window To Close on August 9

The Premier League summer transfer window will close 21 days before the worldwide FIFA transfer window.

Following a vote involving the 20 top-flight sides, in which 14 approved of the change, the Premier League's transfer window will close ahead of the first competitive fixture. The 2018 summer transfer window will open on June 9, while the new deadline is set for Thursday, August 9, with a stop time of 5 p.m..

In conclusion, those involved in next season's Premier League will have just under three weeks less to complete their business as the previous Deadline Day was on August 31.

What about other leagues?

Until now, only the Premier League have invoked the new date, meaning the Championship and below, as well every other team in Europe, will be able to buy players from English top-flight up until the recognized deadline day of August 31.

Do you think other leagues will follow Premier League's decision to close the transfer window earlier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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