Fire, Goat and More: Adidas US Launch Insane "adiMoji" Football Cleats Pack

Well known for its excessive and unique designs, Adidas US have now launched a ridiculous, Emoji-inspired American Football footwear collection which includes 7 distinct looks, each one as bold as it gets.


The Fire design features a matte black upper that reveals flame emoji graphics when it is heated up. The cleats are donned with a flame emoji lace jewel and fueled by gold electroplated plates.


Sure to shimmer in the sunlight and put opponents on skates, the Ice adiMoji cleats are covered in snowflake emojis with rainbow electroplating on both the upper and plates. For some extra shine, the cleats are accented with the adizero logo lace jewel.


Inspired by Texas, the Oil design features oil money emojis that appear to be dripping off a rainbow inspired upper. The slick look is accented with the state of Texas outline lace jewel.


The fast money cleats are highlighted by winged stacks of money emojis that have been printed onto a green color of money silhouette. The design is accented with a matte plate and winged dollar sign lace jewel.


Keeping it 100 all around a candy apple red upper, reflective white 100 emojis take it to the next level. The statement look rides on a glossy red plate and the cleats are topped off with a crown lace jewel.


Combining a matte design with goat emojis, a faux fur heel loop that was inspired by a goat’s beard and a crown lace jewel, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) cleats are intended for playmakers who think they have what it takes to be the best.

Snoop’s Money Bag

To cap off the collection, the Money Bag cleats were inspired by Snoop’s love for glitz, glammer and gold. Sure to be the brightest and shiniest cleats on the field, the Money Bag emojis emblazoned across the upper are accented with glossy gold plates and a winged dollar sign lace jewel.

All colorways are based on the new 2018 adizero 5-Star model which has a lighweight Sprintskin upper that sits atop a Sprintframe outsole with "strategically placed Sprintstuds." Yeah, Adidas are imaginative like that.

Would you like to see something as edgy by Adidas in the other football? Drop us a line below and make sure to comment your favorite of the above as well.