Super-Limited - Special Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 360 2018 Box Revealed

Nike has produced a very limited number of Nike Mercurial 2018 football boot cases, it has been revealed. The special Nike Mercurial 2018 box will be not sold individually, set to become a rare collectors' item

In fact, the special Nike Mercurial 2018 box has been revealed by Thai football store Ari Football. A very limited number of the Nike Mercurial boxes will be given away to customers who buy the Nike Mercurial 2018 cleats on March 7th when a special Nike event will take place at the store in Bangkok.

Limited Edition Nike Mercurial 360 2018 Cases

This is the unique Nike Mercurial 2018 box.

The new special Nike Mercurial 2018 box is made from acrylic glass. The box boasts a unique design that draws inspiration from the Mercurial logo and thew new boots.

The special Nike Mercurial 2018 box is available at the event in very limited quantities only. It is not known yet if there are any other possibilities to grab a pair of the special Nike Mercurial Superfly & Vapor 360 box.

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