Gorodeya 2018 Home and Away Kits Released

The Belarusian football club Gorodeya, which became a professional club only in 2011, but already a few years in the top division of Belarus, released the new 2018 Home and Away Kit, made by Macron.

Gorodeya colors (white and green) were determined more than ten years ago when the team was amateur and called "Sakhkombinat". The players of that team were workers of the Gorodeya sugar factory and students of the profile college. White color symbolizes sugar. Green is the color of Belarusian sugar beet, from which sugar is made.

Gorodeya 2018 Home Kit

This is the new 2018 Gorodeya 2018 Home Kit.

Gorodeya 2018 Home Kit is white with green details. Green color meets in the rim of the collar, the stripes on the shoulders, the cuffs, the stripes on the sides and in the pattern at the bottom of the shirt. A pattern is a set of rhombuses of different sizes that form a gradient transition.

Gorodeya 2018 Away Kit

This is the new 2018 Gorodeya 2018 Away Kit.

Gorodeya 2018 Away Kit is made in two shades of green color designed in hoops. Inside the bright strips, there are V-shaped lines. Hoops are decorated with white lines and the shoulders are covered with white-green pattern which called "vyshyvanka".

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