What If? Adidas Brazil, France, England, Portugal, Croatia, Australia, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia and South Korea 2018 World Cup Concept Kits Revealed

The World Cup 2018 is coming, and Nike, one of the top suppliers, has already presented all the shirts that will be used by their national teams in Russia. But what if the teams that wear Nike wear Adidas in the 2018 World Cup? The designer Bruno Bianchi imagined Swoosh's 10 partner selections wearing uniforms signed by their main rival, Adidas. Check them out below.


The Home kit made in yellow with thin vertigal green spripes. The Away kit is blue with chequered pattern and yellow details. Not enough green, in this version it looks more like kit of the Ukrainian national team.


The Home kit is traditionally yellow with green details. The Away kit is dark blue with stripes along the sides of the chest colored in different shades of blue.


The Home Kit looks little similar to Croatia 2008-2009 Home kit with chequered design and blue collar. The Away kit is made with chequered design and colored with two tones of blue and white details.


The England home kit is white with blue details and red stripes which can remind us England 2001-03 Kit. Away kit of course red with same design.


The home kit looks really interesting. Depending on your age, it may remind you 1984 France home kit or 1998 kit. Away kit is predominantly white with blue and red details.


The home kit of the Nigerian national team is green with a chaotic pattern of squares. Away kit has a similar design with white color and green details.


The home kit looks like Poland 1986 kit. Shirt is white with hoops, the collar and the stripes on shoulders are red. The Away kit has similar design and colored in red.


The Home kit is maroon with green details. On the front side, there is a cross line pattern.The Away kit is white with red cross pattern and red collar. The stripes on the shoulders are green and red.

Saudi Arabia

The Home Kit is made like national flag of Saudi Arabia. The Away kit is white with light green V-sharp lines.

South Korea

The Home Kit is red with blue stripes on the shoulder and zig-zag lines on the front. The Away kit is white with red details.

Which of these is your favorite? Where to you prefer Nike's design? Let us know in the comments below.
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