Adidas Kills Off Laceless Nemeziz Messi Boots

Confirming previous information, Adidas has not launched a laceless version of the next-generation Messi Nemeziz 2018 World Cup boots. Two weeks ago, we revealed that Adidas decided to kill off the laceless Nemeziz Messi boots with the launch of the second generation Nemeziz.

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.1

A model that Messi himself famously didn't choose to wear - he has instead laced up in the 17.1 ever since it was debuted in summer last year, the Adidas Nemeziz 17+ from the 'Energy Mode' pack is the last of its kind to be released.

The new generation of the Adidas Nemeziz is largely the same as before, although the 18+ laceless edition has received more of an update, which helps set it apart more from its lace-including sibling.

As a nice move, Adidas has opted to include the 'metallic' sole plate finish usually found only on the laceless '18+' models in the Nemeziz 18.1.

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