REVIEW: Thai Premier League Jerseys by Ari

A while ago we posted about several Thai kits produced by Ari, who originally are a store but recently ventured into the apparel business and supply uniforms for three teams in the local league. Ari were kind enough to supply us with a full collection of shirts and today we want to take a closer look at both player issue and replica versions. Click the button below to purchase the shirts.

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There are 9 different jerseys at my disposal - 3 kits of 3 teams from Thailand Championship. Bangkok United and Chonburi kits are presented in the player version (retail at ~ USD 35) and the Pattaya United in a replica (~ USD 25). Let's start our conversation with a player version.

Bangkok United

The Bangkok United kit looks very good in the player version. The front part of the jersey is covered with mesh material, which makes the shirt not only comfortable but also interesting in terms of design. The combination of single and double knit is also used on the sleeves and on the back — areas that require breathability. The crest of the club is embossed, rubberized. On the back side of the collar are raised relief rubber letters. Black jersey - the second set - has the same features as the home kit. Unlike the other two sets, the third kit is well ventilated only on the back and sides, and in front, there are only small special openings on the sides.


The Chonburi kit is also presented in the player version. As befits such a kit, it fits more tight than usual. The crest is made of a relief rubber sticker. The back side of the shirt is completely covered with a special mesh, which improves dehumidification (sweating or moisture removal). This technology, it seems to us, plays a big role in the hot Thai climate. In addition, on the front, you can see special holes, which are made similar to the traces of shark fangs. I can not say that it looks super attractive, but the idea is interesting. The away kit is also decorated with rubber cuffs and a button-down collar.

Pattaya United

The Medium size of these kits much freer than the player versions of the other clubs kits. On the sides, there are special mesh tabs, which are usually not on the replicas of other brands. But I want to note that the mesh tab is present only on the home and away kit, on the third kit there is no mesh. The crest of the club also attracts attention - it's not just embroidery, as it happens with other brands. This is embroidery, which is hidden under a special rubberized coating, and this detail also makes the kits more interesting. The overall impression of the three sets is very pleasant, it concerns both design, and quality of performance and technology.

Summarizing, I would like to note that the form of Ari company has many chips in its technical features and is not inferior to the leading world brands. Details of all T-shirts are thought-out and executed with reference to the overall design and style of each team.

Shop Thai Premier League Jerseys at Ari

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