Cruz Azul 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

The new home, away and third kits of Mexican club Cruz Azul, produced by Under Armour, have leaked. They are expected to be launched in June or July.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Home Kit

This is the Under Armour Cruz Azul 2018-2019 home shirt.

The Cruz Azul 2018-19 home jersey is blue with white and red trim on the sleeves. The collar is blue with a thin white stripe at the front, while a seam runs across the upper chest of the shirt.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Away Kit

This image shows the Cruz Azul 2018-19 away jersey by Under Armour.

Based on the same template, the Cruz 18-19 away shirt is white with a blue shoulder and sleeve panel and a red and white neckline. More white and red is present towards the end of the arms.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Third Kit

This is the Under Armour Cruz Azul 2018-2019 third jersey.

The Cruz Azul 2018-19 third shirt is also based on the template used for home and away - it's red with a blue collar and more blue trim on the sleeves.

What do you think of the Cruz Azul 18-19 home, away and third jerseys? How do they compare to last year's efforts? Drop us a line below.
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