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Cruz Azul 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

The new home, away and third kits of Mexican club Cruz Azul, produced by Under Armour, have been released.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Home Kit

This is the Under Armour Cruz Azul 2018-2019 home shirt.

The Cruz Azul 2018-19 home jersey is blue with white and red trim on the sleeves. The collar is blue with a thin white stripe at the front, while a seam runs across the upper chest of the shirt.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Away Kit

This image shows the Cruz Azul 2018-19 away jersey by Under Armour.

Based on the same template, the Cruz 18-19 away shirt is white with a blue shoulder and sleeve panel and a red and white neckline. More white and red is present towards the end of the arms.

Cruz Azul 18-19 Third Kit

This is the Under Armour Cruz Azul 2018-2019 third jersey.

The Cruz Azul 2018-19 third shirt is also based on the template used for home and away - it's red with a blue collar and more blue trim on the sleeves.

What do you think of the Cruz Azul 18-19 home, away and third jerseys? How do they compare to last year's efforts? Drop us a line below.