All-New Nike Phantom Venom - Nike to Discontinue Hypervenom Boots

Update: Three weeks ago, we revealed that Nike would discontinue the Nike Hypervenom Phantom football boots line. Now we we can reveal the name of Nike's all-new soccer cleat silo - Nike Phantom Venom. The first-ever Nike Phantom Venom football boot is set to be released in early 2019 - there won't be a fourth generation of the Nike Hypervenom.

Nike to Release All-New Nike Phantom Venom Football Boot Silo

We can exclusively reveal that Nike will ditch the Hypervenom with a new football boot silo in 2019.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom football boot was introduced in 2013 by Brazilian superstar Neymar at an event in Rio de Janeiro. Made for ultimate agility, Nike has released three different generations of the Nike Hypervenom (Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 - 2013, Nike Hypervenom Phantom II [+ an updated Hypervenom Phantom II with a different upper - 2016], Nike Hypervenom Phantom III - 2017) .

Nike to Replace Hypervenom Football Boots

There will be no fourth generation of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom soccer cleats.

Introduced in 2013, the first generation of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom football boot was an instant hit amongst footballers featuring a Flyknit upper. However, the second-gen, high-cut Nike Hypervenom Phantom II football boots were not as good as the first generation - Nike even had to change the upper during the lifespan of the second-gen Nike Hypervenom boot.

The current-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom III was released in 2017. The silo was not anymore worn by Neymar, who switched back to his favorite silo (Mercurial) as he had problems with the Hypervenom boots.

There is no leaked info about Nike's all-new football boot that replaces the Hypervenom yet. It is expected that the new Nike silo will be again made for modern strikers, possibly with a bigger focus on the shoot aspect.

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