Revealed: 3 Country's Best Nike 2018 World Cup Kits Feature Replica Kit Technology

Some weeks ago, Nike revealed all of their 2018 World Cup jerseys. For the 2018 World Cup, Nike introduced the successor of the infamous Nike Vapor Aeroswift soccer jersey template - the Nike Fast Fit Vaporknit template. However, it now emerged that three countries will not benefit from Nike's best kit technology in Russia this summer... (Big thanks to Korean kit and boot experts All That Boots for the hint)

Authentic Nike Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea Jerseys Feature Replica Dri-Fit Technology

The Nike Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea jerseys are built of Nike’s Astro Mesh Dri-Fit fabric instead of Nike's best Fast Fit Vaporknit kits technology. Nike Dri-Fit is usually only used for replica jerseys. Apart from the fabric, the kits are the same as authentic jerseys and feature Nike’s new crest application, Crest Flight, which is 64% lighter and up to 65 times more breathable than the previous method.

Real authentic vs Replica authentic

All That Boots contacted Nike to find out what they reasons that the jerseys of three countries do not feature Nike's best jersey technology.

"South Korea national soccer team uniforms are based on the Nike Astro Mesh Dri-Fit material. The crests are 64% lighter than traditional emblems and added to the 65-fold breathability of Crest Flight innovation. Nike's Estro Mesh Dri-Fit" material is applied to Nike sponsored national teams South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Nike's "Vaporknit" technology has been applied to the uniforms of countries that have participated in the testing process at the time the material was developed."

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